Tying Controversy Round the Old Oak Tree

Re "Digging Begins for Relocation of Old Oak," Jan. 13: Conspicuous by its absence in the reams of print regarding John Quigley and his circus-in-a-tree stunt is what he has cost taxpayers. I do not think we should pick up the tab.

Send him the bill for the thousands of dollars he has cost the budgets of the law enforcement, planning, environmental, health, county counsel and public works departments, the offices of the county's chief executive and the supervisors, the courts and the developer, as well as for mental health services for the community that had to put up with him. That's the real story.

Polly Bee



Our own "Bamiyan Buddha" (the towering Buddhist statues that the Taliban blew up in 2001) is the 400-year-old tree Quigley is trying to save. If it dies during relocation, this treasure is gone forever.

Future generations will be left to wonder at the stupidity and shortsightedness of the California developers, politicians and legislators in 2003.

William Noack

Santa Barbara


I am a compassionate person. I worry about starving and mistreated people around the world. I worry about children in our country who have little chance at advanced education and success. And, now, I will not worry about a tree. Let Quigley direct his energies to help human beings who desperately need help.

Helen O'Brien

Sun City

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