All Revved Up About the Auto Show

While reading John Balzar's Jan. 15 commentary, "Cracking Up on Thunder Road," several thoughts came to mind. Where is there a highway suitable for driving a motorcycle at 300 mph? Who thinks they have the ability to safely handle the vehicle at that rate of speed? Will the manufacturer have a clause in the sales agreement disclaiming any responsibility for the life of the driver? Will a life insurance policy be included with the title of the vehicle? The buyer should be given a metal billfold to carry some ID to more easily identify the person who has been killed.

I have felt that the lawsuits against Ford and Firestone, in relation to the SUVs, were unwarranted in most cases because the vehicles were being abused. I am sure that this new motorcycle will be abused.

David S. Eicher



After reading Balzar's prissy little critique about the auto show

Hmm ... I guess I should thank The Times for keeping Balzar on the payroll, where the only thing he can do is natter and nag. Were he a bureaucrat, or worse, an elected politician in a position to inflict his nonsensibilities upon everyone else, life would be one giant guilt trip. And that would be a shame.

Dave Skinner

Whitefish, Mont.


A little information is dangerous. Balzar implies that the Big Three U.S. auto makers are losing domestic market share because they are so out of step with their customers that they continue to build large SUVs, trucks and cars that people don't want. In fact, they have lost market share because foreign auto makers have joined their U.S. competitors in building those same large SUVs and trucks, thus taking a share of the auto market that U.S. auto makers previously had to themselves.

The upside to the American economy is that most of these "foreign" vehicles are built right here in the good ol' USA.

Jim Slemaker

Pacific Palisades

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