A Shot in the Arm for a Sluggish Economy

Re “Bush’s Approval Rates Dip in Polls,” Jan. 15: President Bush is doing a fabulous job in some areas and failing miserably in others. It is difficult to be fully in support of him or to be against him because of this double-edged sword.

For instance, I think he is blinded with determination to handle things “the old cowboy way” when it comes to Iraq, even when the facts suggest he should be handling things very differently. On the other hand, he is right on target when it comes to the economic stimulus package and welfare changes he is proposing.

I own a company with 53 employees, and I have been in business over 15 years. However, I will be closing my doors in the next few months due to out-of-control insurance costs, electricity and other expenses that make it ridiculous for me to stay in business. Those 53 people, many of whom have been with me for more than a decade and are approaching retirement, will lose their jobs. Any jobs out there for 55-year-olds?

I also am glad to hear that Bush is making it more attractive for welfare recipients to work. It is far better to collect welfare and stay home than be in a low-income job because of all the benefits that the first group gets. It is true that many low-wage earners work very hard and long hours, but is that my fault? The whole economy needs a shot in the arm, and I am glad the president is administering the first dose.


Sandi Heyer

Diamond Bar