McDonald’s Prevails in Obesity Suit

From Associated Press

Saying the law is not intended to protect people from their own excesses, a federal judge threw out a class-action lawsuit Wednesday that blamed McDonald’s food for obesity, diabetes and other health problems in children.

U.S. District Judge Robert Sweet said the plaintiffs failed to show that the fast-food chain’s products “involve a danger that is not within the common knowledge of consumers.”

The lawsuit was filed against McDonald’s last summer and sought unspecified damages.

“If a person knows or should know that eating copious orders of super-sized McDonald’s products is unhealthy and may result in weight gain ... it is not the place of the law to protect them from their own excesses,” the judge said. “Nobody is forced to eat at McDonald’s.”


Plaintiffs’ attorney Samuel Hirsch filed other, similar lawsuits last year. In one, a 270-pound city maintenance worker alleged that eating McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and KFC caused him health problems. Those suits were dropped or put on hold while Sweet considered the lawsuit against McDonald’s.

The lawsuits became a lightning rod for pundits and editorial writers who jeered that they were the latest example of a litigious society in which people abdicate personal responsibility.

“Common sense has prevailed,” McDonald’s spokesman Walt Riker said. “We said from the beginning that this was a frivolous lawsuit. [Wednesday’s] ruling confirms that fact.”