Democrats Should Follow Locke's Lead

Wow! What a great response speech to President Bush's talk on Tuesday by Gov. Gary Locke of Washington. Has he thought about running for president? If more Democratic leaders would voice the concerns of most of the Americans and stop groveling and licking Bush's cowboy boots, we could pull this country back from the brink of war and balance the budget once again.

When will this war madness end? Where is the Democratic leadership demanding an end to Bush's destructive policies and assaults on our Constitution? If talking and searching Iraq will save even one soldier's life, then we should keep at it forever, if need be. Use the cost of the war on the needs of the American people: our highways, bridges, hospitals, medical insurance, schools, prescription drugs. Americans deserve better, and it's time for the Democrats to show some leadership!

Phyllis Lilly



The real and true State of the Union message was offered by Gov. Locke.

Carlie Harris Sr.

Harbor City

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