His read on a retailer

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Thank you for David Shaw’s wonderful article (“At Wal-Mart, a Curiously Selective Reading List,” May 25) that presented Wal-Mart as the horrific mega-conglomerate that it really is -- full of double standards and 1950s right-wing conservatism (violence good; sex bad).

Wasn’t this the same place that refused to carry T-shirts that had Margaret from “Dennis the Menace” declaring that she could be president?

I’ve long detested Wal-Mart and if given the choice between a forced shopping trip there and a loaded gun to the head, I would happily pull the trigger (as long as the firearm was not purchased at Wal-Mart).


Thank you again for restoring my faith in humanity. You’ve put into writing what I and others have been thinking for years.

T. Yatkin

El Segundo