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A Delicate Balance: It could happen at any moment. A chasm will yawn open, and everything above it will disappear into the emptiness. Everyone in Edward Albee’s “A Delicate Balance” can see this coming, yet they try to ignore the looming horror. The 1966 play was revived and favorably reappraised in New York in 1996 and at Costa Mesa’s South Coast Repertory in 2001. Now, a darkly funny production has emerged at Pacific Resident Theatre. There’s no denying the script’s wit, even if, as some believed, Albee received a Pulitzer for this play mostly as consolation for the Pulitzer denied to “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”


Ends Sunday at the Pacific Resident Theatre, 703-707 Venice Blvd., Venice. (310) 822-8392.