Justices Endorse Affirmative Action

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Re “Court Affirms Use of Race in University Admissions,” June 23: Let’s say that I need a lawyer. Do I choose the white, male USC grad who worked hard for years to gain entrance into law school, or do I choose the hyphenated American who graduated from the University of Michigan? Tough choice. I would think the Supreme Court’s ruling and the continued practice of affirmative action would be insulting to applicants who wished to be judged by the contents of their application portfolio, and not by the color of their skin.

Carrie Miakashi

Mesquite, Nev.


Maybe the Supreme Court got it right; the justices gave something to both sides, and four years hence the undergraduate decision will have negated the need for application of the law school decision, since all law school applicants will then be coming from the same academically qualified pool.

Jim Shade

West Covina


I was glad to read that the Supreme Court still backs affirmative action. After slavery ended, it took this court 100 years to overturn Jim Crow laws in Southern states -- laws that overwhelmingly favored white Americans.


Until the playing field is even, we still need affirmative action and extra points. Except, of course, in professional sports, where the playing field has been level for a long time.

Pamela A. Hairston



The highest court in this land has decided that race-based discrimination is OK as long as it is a nonminority group adversely affected by the discrimination. The pendulum has swung too far in one direction and it is time for it to swing back to a level playing field for all those living in this country.

Paul Olson

Lake Forest