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What: “Lost Treasures of NFL Films: Inside the Vault, Volumes 1-3 (1960-70)” DVD set.

Producer: NFL Films.

Distributor: Warner Home Video.

Price: $49.98.

About a year ago, unmarked cans of film were found in the NFL Films’ library by producer Phil Tuckett. The film, more than 30 hours’ worth, was in good condition. Using it, NFL Films produced a series of “Lost Treasures” shows for ESPN Classic. Now, in conjunction with Warner Home Video, NFL Films has produced this three-disc DVD set from that lost footage. It’s sort of a football time capsule of the 1960s.

Volume 1, “The Creation,” focuses on the creation of NFL Films and its early years. Volume 2, “The Renegades,” profiles some of the more interesting characters in the NFL during the ‘60s. Volume 3, “The Merger,” offers some never-before-seen footage of the old American Football League and covers the AFL’s merger with the NFL.


Each DVD includes several bonus vignettes. One, “Sounds of the ‘60s,” deals with the history of putting microphones on players. Others profile big-name players such as Jim Brown, and still others profile players not as well known, such as Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker Bill Saul.

In a vignette about the “Heidi Bowl,” the 1968 Oakland Raider-New York Jet game interrupted by the children’s movie “Heidi,” Delbert Mann, the producer of the movie, offers a different perspective. He complains that NBC interrupted his movie at a key juncture to give the final score of the game.

-- Larry Stewart