Fed Up With GOP; Fed Up With Davis

Re “National Republicans Mixed on Davis Recall,” June 25: I don’t know too much about Republican “strategists.” I know that I am a Republican moderate, have been a registered Republican for 32 years and feel like a near-extinct species.

I really am quite fed up with a party that cannot live with the natural outcomes of elections and so repeatedly seeks an end run around the voters.

Whether this takes the form of impeachment (former President Clinton), recall (Gov. Gray Davis) or whining at the Supreme Court (the Bush-Gore election), it is a very unsettling pattern.

I don’t care much for Davis because of what he did to Richard Riordan, whom I consider an honorable man and a good mayor. But here’s a news flash for those who would distort a recall procedure meant for those who engage in criminality or malfeasance in office -- you lost, get over it. You’ll have an opportunity to throw the bum(s) out at the next election. Be patient.


If the voters don’t like Gray, they’ll let you know soon enough, without a huge extra expenditure of taxpayer money for a special recall election.

David C. Byers

Woodland Hills



Davis and his advisors have it all wrong. The recall effort is not a right-wing conspiracy. It is an expression by the people of their disgust with the mismanagement of their great and glorious state by Davis and his political team. He has squandered the legacy that was left him. He is destroying our state. If there had been a category for “anybody but Davis” on the November 2002 ballot, I suspect that would have won. I am a lifelong registered Democrat, but I have unfortunately had enough of Davis to last a lifetime ... as have most Californians.

Daniel J. Fink

Los Angeles