OPEC Is Priming the Political Pump

Re "Surging Gasoline Prices Drive Debate at Pumps," Feb. 25: Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) is asking the Bush administration to investigate whether consumers are being gouged at the gas pump.

Let's see. In the period after 9/11, gas prices went down to below $1 a gallon. It's my feeling that the oil-producing countries were trying to keep Americans, already priming for retribution, from getting more angry and invading Saudi Arabia.

Today, as President Bush contemplates imminent war with Iraq, the gas prices in my neighborhood are reaching and surpassing $2 a gallon. Sounds like OPEC is trying to convince the average U.S. consumer that war in the Middle East would be bad for "Average Joe Consumer." Don't tell me it's just a coincidence.

Sharon Solomon

Manhattan Beach


Thank you, George W. Bush. Your headlong rush to invade Iraq has raised my cost of gasoline $15 a week. Tough on me, but far worse for the airlines. You've added several million to their fuel bill. That may well bankrupt the few not already in Bankruptcy Court. Not to mention the truckers who must now raise their rates, or the bus lines struggling hard to survive.

Everyone will be hit. The increased cost to business may push the fragile economy over the brink and into a recessionary spiral. Not to mention the increased cost to the military to fuel our ships, tanks and bombers. The war department runs on gas. You've done it, George. And the voters will not soon forget.

Karl M. Ruppenthal


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