U.S.-French Discord: Friends Can Disagree

Thank you for pointing out that the vulgar Franco-phobic bombardment that has occurred in parts of the media and entertainment world is unfair (“Go Easy on French-Frying,” editorial, March 2). As a Frenchman who divides his time between Southern California and France, I have not experienced such anti-French hysteria in the 25 years I have lived here. France and the U.S. are friends and must remain so. After all, friends can sometimes disagree in a civilized world without endangering their relationship.

Also, boycotting French products would be pretty stupid, since the Franco-American cultural and economic relationship is a complex mesh of cross-border investments and joint ventures. Many innocent Americans as well as Frenchmen would unfortunately lose their jobs if such a boycott were to occur. Nobody talked about boycotting Saudi oil after 9/11. Many of the hijackers were Saudi citizens.

Francois Friedmann

Manhattan Beach



French reluctance to engage in warfare is understandable. They usually lose their battles.

Philip Marlin

Woodland Hills

My raison d’etre has gone away.

My joie de vivre is in a trench.

My je ne sais quoi

Has abandoned moi,


Oh mercy, God, I hate the French.

Dave Gallup