Same-Sex Marriages Should Be Legal

Re "Court Hears Gay Marriage Case," March 9:

I am the mother of two children. My daughter, a lesbian, partners with a marvelous person who has become another daughter to me. My son, now deceased, was married and had four children. Upon his death, my daughter-in-law was able to take advantage of Social Security payments for my grandchildren. Would my daughter have the same opportunity? My son's widow was able to sell their house. Would my daughter be able to do the same?

These are just two of the many examples of the double standards that would be forced upon my daughter and her partner regardless of the fact that their commitment is just as strong as was the commitment between my son and his wife. A major argument against same-sex marriage maintains "the state's interest in fostering the link between procreation and marriage." Nonsense!

What happens if a heterosexual couple decides not to have children; is the marriage then void? They are not procreating. Would there be a state argument to rescind those childless marriages?

I can only hope the Massachusetts court finds in favor of same-sex marriages.

Harriet Dean

Palm Springs

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