Put the Pinch on State Legislators

Re "Ruling Backs 'Trigger' of Car Tax Hike," March 11: Let me get this straight. The state Legislature is going to raise our car registration through the roof without having to take blame for it. These are the people who passed the energy deregulation bill that ended up costing Californians millions, if not billions, of dollars, which has played a big part in our state budget woes.

Now, to pay for all this debt the legislators will manipulate us into paying at least three times more for our car registrations while they hide in the shadows of the halls of the state Capitol. How about, instead, they do some sacrificing, since they got us into this mess?

I suggest pay reductions and staff cuts for the legislators. It's not as if they're doing much good for the state, anyway, so they can do it with less staff. If they want us to do with less, so can they. It's way past time that they join the real world. Pay cuts for legislators!

Susan Alexander Llauget


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