Teacher Layoffs, School Budget Cuts

Re "Layoffs Possible, Schools Warn," March 14: Catastrophic cuts to education loom in California's immediate future. Teachers are threatened with layoff notices and students face increased class size and dwindling classroom resources. What is a teacher supposed to do? Do we hold on and hope for the best? Do we pray that money will magically appear? Do we perform voodoo rituals with the hope that our colleagues will not be laid off or fired?

Drastic cuts to education affect our children now, and our economy in the future. "Education first," our leaders say ... the first to be cut ... the first to be blamed ... the first to be scrutinized ... the first to be ravaged to fill state coffers ... the first....

Julia Frost

Rancho Cucamonga


Re "2 Words Plus Fervor Equal Heated Debate," March 14: In the absence of any meaningful protection of the class-size reduction program for the next academic year, the Assembly spending 45 minutes debating the semantic difference between "low-performing" and "high-priority" schools seems akin to fiddling while Rome burns. If we return to the days of 30-student classrooms in kindergarten through third grade, I can guarantee there will be many more California schools worthy of the designation.

Coreen Chiswell

La Mesa

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