Rock for the family

Ralph's World: Peggy's Pie Parlor


CD: $16.99

For the family

Chicago singer-songwriter-

guitarist Ralph Covert tops himself with each release. In this fabulous family rock 'n' roll album, Covert's sophisticated instrumentals are a wow to adult ears and his strikingly original and deftly crafted lyrics about tango-dancing bears, cavemen, a banana-seat bike and glue disasters go right to the heart -- and funnybone -- of childhood.

The rockin' tracks are nothing if not eclectic -- they include arrangements of "I Go Pogo," from a 1948 album based on cartoonist Walt Kelly's characters, and a goofy 1930s novelty song, "I Never See Maggie Alone."


The Mother Goose Jazz Band:

See How They Run

CD: $15

(518) 869-4324

For the family

Big talent is the spark in this terrific blend of smooth jazz, nursery rhymes and family songs, led by saxophonist Josh Greenberg with vocalist Laurel Masse -- Manhattan Transfer founding member -- bassist Chris Brubeck and other jazz pros. Arrangements pay tribute to the styles of Sonny Rollins, Charlie Parker and the Dave Brubeck Quartet; Masse's voice is sheer heaven.

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