Davis Deflects Blame for the Energy Debacle

Re "State's Consumers Deserve Justice in Energy Rip-Off," Commentary, March 25: Gov. Gray Davis' commentary on the energy rip-off is a poor attempt to rescue his political career. History has taught us that price controls do not work and never will. There may have been some shenanigans, but not to the tune of multibillions of dollars. Californians will be paying the price for years to come.

Rick Sweeney

Simi Valley


I found Davis' commentary to be beyond hypocritical; instead, it is laughable that he, of all people, would point fingers of blame over the failed energy deregulation plan. Yes, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is a joke when it comes to consumer protection, but how does Davis explain his own appointment of Michael Peevey, former president of Southern California Edison, as the head of our own Public Utilities Commission?

Mike Burnett



Re "Energy Gougers Must Pay," editorial, March 26: We Californians remember Davis' desperate plea to President Bush to stop Kenneth Lay and his other Texas outlaw cronies from gouging us. And we also remember Bush turned a deaf ear and did nothing while we continued to hemorrhage the state's savings, which has largely resulted in the current budget crisis. We in California will not forget in 2004. And we need to remind the rest of our country as well that the cowboy from Texas must be sent home to Crawford posthaste or the same fate awaits them.

George Magit


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