A Gardener Might Best Appreciate This Homeowner’s Real Estate Listing

It’s a seller’s market in real estate these days, and some homeowners have a take-it-or-leave-it approach. Dale Wood of San Diego saw a sign that said: “One Lot. Two Hoses.” Of course, maybe I wasn’t impressed with the hose offer because I don’t have much of a green thumb.

Speaking of digits: Marvin Popkin of Laguna Woods came upon a shop that doesn’t require that messy ordeal of leaving your fingers behind (see photo).

I know just how he felt: The police log of the Los Alamitos News-Enterprise said a man “was pushing buttons on ATMs at a local bank. When a bank employee asked if she could help him, he ran away and started yelling.”

Same thing I do when I forget my PIN number.


Mystery of the day: Bob Finsten of Palm Springs spotted a “free turkey” ad in a San Diego newspaper, and I confess I couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to say. I phoned co-manager Debbie Looney of the Imperial Motel, and she told me it means ... just what it says (see accompanying).

How did she come up with the concept? “It was my husband’s idea during Thanksgiving,” she said, “and it worked so well, we just kept doing it.”

Interesting, though I know my kids would rather have the mints on the pillow.

Bottoms up: Marion Meyer of Laguna Beach saw evidence that a sign-maker for one business had imbibed some of its product beforehand (see photo).

Favorite activity of visitors: On one tour in Beijing, Tom Chandler noticed that the Chinese know all about dealing with tourists (see accompanying).

Sure signs of summer’s approach: Traffic on the Pomona Freeway in the Monterey Park area was held up by the spill of a barbecue set.

Dad, you invited the police to my party! The Seal Beach Sun’s police log reported an incident about a family “having a birthday celebration in the Flood Control Channel.”

miscelLAny: I’m sure the body-scan procedure I heard described on a radio commercial is conducted in a professional and discreet manner.


However, I was a bit taken aback when I heard its location described as “the Irvine Spectrum, next to the Ferris wheel.”


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