Israeli Families’ Pain Must Not Be Ignored

Re “A Family Tested but Intact,” March 27: Are you also planning a series of articles about Israeli families? Will you mention that the sufferings of the Palestinian family in the article might have been solved years ago if their leader (Yasser Arafat) had accepted a peace agreement with Israel instead of bribe money from Saddam Hussein?

Remember this: In 1948, the United Nations established Israel and Palestine. The very next day all Arab nations (including Iraq) attacked Israel. This is the real beginning of the refugee problem.

The Arab countries chose to keep these refugees as underdogs, to be used as pawns in the game to destroy Israel. Israel, on the other hand, resettled hundreds of thousands of refugees expelled from these same Arab nations. They are no longer “refugees” but represent almost half of the Israeli nation.

Why don’t you write an article about Jewish families who have lost sons and daughters defending their democratic nation from Arab attackers and suicide “martyrs”?


Janet Tashman

Studio City