Daddy Day Care

Eddie Murphy just may be the anti-W.C. Fields. The comic actor with the wicked grin and a penchant for raunch failed to heed Fields’ famous advice about avoiding kids and animals, and has thrived among them in blockbusters such as “Doctor Dolittle,” “The Nutty Professor” and their sequels. In dire need of a hit after a string of bombs (anyone remember “Showtime”?), Murphy teams up again with “Doctor Dolittle” director Steve Carr and surrounds himself here with tykes aplenty. Could it be that he’s embracing his inner dad and the appeal of well-constructed family entertainment?


Comedy (May 9)



With: Eddie Murphy, Steve Zahn, Jeff Garlin, Regina King, Anjelica Huston

The idea: Two unemployed fathers go into the child-care business.

Writer: Geoff Rodkey.

Director: Steve Carr.