American Wedding

Trading in one baked good for that sugary, multilayered symbol of commitment, the wedding cake, the freewheeling “American Pie” crew reunites for one more round of debauchery. If you thought a wedding would temper the classic plot, consider the operative elements: Bachelor party. Sexy maid of honor who’s not quite up for grabs. Alcohol-induced pre-ceremony confusion. And, as if one wedding weren’t enough, there’s a plot line involving Stifler’s parents. If it’s not quite “American Values” in action, well, these Pies never were -- except, maybe, for the way they managed to parlay goofy sex into worldwide grosses of more than half a billion dollars. That’s enough to make a permutation like “American Divorce” seem less like a longshot than a reason to keep the bakery open. Meanwhile, keep an eye on that cake.


Comedy (Aug. 1)



With: Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Seann William Scott.

The idea: The “American Pie” gang convenes for Jim and Michelle’s nuptials.

Writer: Adam Herz.

Director: Jesse Dylan.