Guest of the month

If there were a monthly prize for “most ubiquitous party guest,” actress Lisa Rinna would win for April -- hands down. Her most recent tour of the canape and cocktail scene started with fashion week. The host of “Soap Talk” and veteran of “Melrose Place” turned up in the front row of nearly every show. But that was just a warmup.

Rinna went on to host the Soap Opera Digest Awards (April 5) and walk the carpets at the Self Day celebration hosted by the women’s magazine (April 8), the Emmanuel Ungaro show in Heather Thomas’ backyard (April 10), a Max Mara and Vanity Fair soiree (April 22) and a Sunday brunch to benefit Step Up Women’s Network (April 27).

“I have just gone to everything,” she said. “I’m so sick of seeing myself [in photos]! Stay home, would you!”

But there’s more to this story than self-promotion. Rinna is making the rounds to pitch her new clothing boutique, Belle Gray. “It’s been my way of getting the word out,” she said.


The Sherman Oaks store, located in a 1930s-era building on Ventura Boulevard, opens Monday. Renovated by Rinna’s husband, Harry Hamlin, and named for their two daughters, the store features local designers Trina Turk, David Cardona and Frankie B, among others.

Publicity aside, Rinna, who spends days with her toddlers, said the evenings out keep her “connected to the adult world.”

-- Gina Piccalo