Fireworks Are No Fun for These Homeowners

Re “Fireworks Are a July 4 Tradition,” April 13:

Obviously, David Boone never talked to the 160 homeowners of the complex on the north side of Boisseranc Park when he said everyone he knows enjoys the July 4 fireworks. The residents of this complex, for the most part, have shuddered when the holiday comes around.

The homeowners of this complex spent more than $100,000 to replace the wood shake roofs with aluminum roofs because of the fear that errant fireworks from the park would ignite the wood shakes and burn some of the units down.

Apparently, Mr. Boone has not walked through a beautiful park that has been trashed by those shooting off fireworks on July 4. It would have been nice for those charities that sell the fireworks to clean up the trash from the fireworks that they sold. But it seems these charities want to take but not give.


Gerald F. Nippert