Bourbon Trail whets a thirst

I am originally from central Kentucky and enjoyed “On Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail” (April 20). The biggest news around is that Danville, Ky., the seat of Boyle (Bo-uhl) County, went “wet” at the last election. You can only buy liquor by the drink, so nothing too radical happened.

The true pronunciation of Louisville, Ky., is not “loo-ah-ville” but rather “loo-uh-vuhl,” which if said quickly is essentially a two-syllable word.

Pamela S. Bullock

Huntington Beach



The article was highly entertaining and informative. Even though I am a native of Louisville, I rarely drink bourbon. But after reading about the Bourbon Trail, I believe it is high time to get off my Napa Valley wines and sample some homegrown mash.

John Lannert