A few ways Bennett could have spent his money

What else could William Bennett have done with the $8 million he reportedly lost in Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos? A few options:

* Wagered on Funny Cide in the Kentucky Derby and won $110,400,000.

* Bought 2.3 million boxes of Thin Mints cookies from the Girl Scouts.

* Picked up the tab for Bill and Hillary Clinton’s remaining legal fees (just to show there are no hard feelings) and still had $6.25 million to cover therapy for Chelsea.


* Bought tickets to Disneyland for 216,000 children ages 3-9.

* Sponsored 25,640 impoverished children for a year (providing clean water, schooling, food and health care) through World Vision.

* Erased the L.A. Archdiocese’s $4.3-million budget shortfall and the Diocese of Orange’s $2 million in cutbacks and still had $1.7 million in pocket change.

* Paid the Bicycle Casino’s tax bill to the city of Bell Gardens for one year.

* Paid Dodger pitcher Andy Ashby’s salary for the 2003 season (probably not a wise investment).

* Distributed 266,667 free copies of “The Book of Virtues” at full retail value (or 380,952 copies at’s discount price).

-- Roy Rivenburg