Ford Will Bring Back Its Blue Oval

From Bloomberg News

Ford Motor Co. will resurrect the blue oval as its corporate logo, part of Chief Executive William Clay Ford Jr.'s plans to cast off changes made by his predecessor, Jacques Nasser.

The change takes effect June 17, the day after the company’s 100th anniversary. An updated oval will be unveiled at Ford’s Dearborn, Mich., headquarters in connection with a centennial celebration, the company said.

Nasser replaced the oval in 2000 with the words “Ford Motor Company” in script letters. The script, dubbed Ford’s “trustmark,” has adorned its headquarters, documents and business cards, while the oval, which was black when introduced in 1912, was kept on Ford-brand cars and trucks. Nasser was ousted in 2001, when the company reported a $5.45-billion loss.

“Symbolically, they’re saying the company is being refreshed at the top,” said David Cole, executive director of the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Mich.


Nasser got rid of the oval logo after Ford acquired automakers such as Volvo and Land Rover and non-automotive companies such as the Britain-based Kwik-Fit auto repair chain. Nasser didn’t respond to a request for comment.