That’s Why It’s Called Fraternity of Coaches

Greatest sports records:

DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak? Wooden’s 88 in a row? Cy Young’s 511 wins?

These are outstanding records, but the greatest now belongs to Mike Price, who blew $10 million on a one-night stand.

Roy Bagdasarian


Los Angeles

Bill Plaschke refers to Iowa State’s Larry Eustachy’s alcoholism as “a situation that stinks like a fraternity house.” I have to point out that many of the nation’s top people in government, business, education, finance, publishing, philanthropy, medicine, law, science, etc. are fraternity men and sorority women.

Having come from a poor family, my unexpected and fortuitous acceptance into a prominent fraternity on a major campus was one of the most enriching and edifying experiences of my life . Most fraternity houses do not stink.

Al Davies

Marina del Rey

I don’t condone the behavior that led to the firing of Alabama football coach Mike Price, but I can understand it. I can understand visiting a strip club; I can understand drinking too much; I can even sort of understand inviting a lap dancer back to the hotel room and allowing her to charge a meal on your credit card.

But what I can’t understand is how this woman spent $1,000 on food and beverages -- unless her dinner companions were Mo Vaughn and John Daly.

David Macaray


Rowland Heights