Sorenstam May Be Wishing on the Stars

Annika Sorenstam thinks she knows who might win next week’s Colonial tournament: Herself.

“I believe so, if all the stars are lined up right,” she said Wednesday in a conference call to promote next month’s ShopRite LPGA Classic.

Sorenstam, who will become the first woman player to enter a PGA Tour event in 58 years, said she is surprised by the controversy caused by her decision. And although she didn’t mention Vijay Singh by name, Sorenstam said she isn’t angry with anyone who says she doesn’t belong.

“I think everybody’s entitled to their own opinion, and obviously they speak their minds, and that’s just where I want to leave it,” she said. “I don’t hold anything against anybody.”


She wasn’t the only player to speak out Wednesday on the subject of Colonial. In a news conference in Germany, where he is playing in the Deutsche Bank SAP Open, Tiger Woods said he thinks Sorenstam should play four or five PGA Tour events. He also said it would be good if she makes the cut.

“I would think it was a fantastic performance, no doubt about it,” Woods said.

-- Thomas Bonk