Beware of ‘mild gloom’

I sure would hate to be a fellow driver on the freeway that Paul Brownfield cruises down late at night listening to KPCC’s Pledge Drive. (“An IOU for NPR,” May 15.) Could be dangerous.

There I’d be, whistling along happy as a clam, looking forward to my cool new radio with built-in generator and my tickets to a concert at the Greek Theatre that KPCC offered as thanks for helping them survive as the best source of news and regalement. And suddenly Brownfield would sputter by in his “mild gloom” for having become a Public Radio freeloader.

He’d no doubt change lanes without signaling (he’d know he should, but he wouldn’t). Were I in a non-life-threatening accident, he’d likely pass me by, guiltily hoping someone more decent would call for help.

Well, maybe he’d stop to steal my newspaper. Heck, it’s been paid for.


Glenn Camhi