‘Reloaded’ sets record in first week

“The Matrix Reloaded” isn’t showing any signs of running out of ammunition. In its first seven days of release, the futuristic sequel grossed $158.3 million, breaking “Spider-Man’s” opening week record of $151.6 million, Warner Bros said Thursday.

To silence critics who might say the record was tainted, Warners said it would deduct from the film’s grosses $625,000, representing ticket sales generated after 10 p.m. Wednesday. The sequel debuted at 10 p.m. on May 14, meaning that Warners is counting seven 24-hour periods, rather than the seven usual days of the week.

But even if Warners deducted the estimated $5 million “The Matrix Reloaded” made on the evening of May 14, the film would have grossed $153.3 million, still beating “Spider-Man’s” first-week record. Other marks in sight include the biggest-grossing R-rated movie ever, a record of $234.8 million held by 1984’s “Beverly Hills Cop.”