Mere mortals have God’s number

From Associated Press

A lot of mortals who happen to share God’s telephone number -- or at least the one he uses in the new movie “Bruce Almighty” -- have spent days now taking calls from curious dialers, snickering cranks and desperate souls.

In the hit movie, a TV newsman played by Jim Carrey is endowed by God with divine powers, allowing him to perform such feats as parting a bowl of tomato soup like the Red Sea. God’s phone number is repeatedly displayed on the newsman’s pager whenever the Lord tries to summon him.

Usually movies and TV shows use the telephone exchange 555, which is not given to homes and businesses. But “Bruce Almighty” used a seven-digit number valid in many parts of the country.

Many moviegoers have remembered the number and put it to work in their own area codes. A woman in Pinellas Park, Fla., has threatened to sue Universal Pictures, which produced the film, because of the 20 calls an hour clogging her cell phone. A Colorado radio network was getting dozens of calls Wednesday, five days after the movie hit theaters, and is planning to build a contest around the phenomenon.


Universal said in a statement that the phone number was chosen because it does not exist in the Buffalo, N.Y., area, where the movie is set. The studio offered no further comment.

A database search turned up more than 30 listings nationwide for the number in the movie.