Now Back to Your World Series Champions ...

I know it’s heresy in these parts to criticize Mike Scioscia, the Angels’ answer to Norman Vincent Peale. But as this season circles the drain under a barrage of horrendous starting pitching, it’s hard to hear Mike say that he has no plans to take Aaron Sele out of the rotation [May 29].

Sele, a $24-million boondoggle of slow fastballs and straight curveballs, has an ERA that is a tick under double digits. He is the chief arsonist on a starting staff that combusts almost nightly. Unless something is done soon, the momentum and goodwill from a World Series championship will be nothing but ashes.

Before it’s too late, wake up and wipe the 2002 champagne from your eyes, Mike!

Paul Ollen




So, Arte Moreno drops the price of beer. I guess it’ll be cheaper to drown our sorrows while the Angels toil in the AL West.

Justin S. Luke