Hatch's Cozy Ties to Supplement Makers

"FDA Draws Fire Over Dietary Aids" (Oct. 29) should have read "Sen. Orrin Hatch Draws Fire.... " The Utah senator is guilty of the same hypocrisy that seems to permeate his party these days.

This longtime supplement champion has kept Food and Drug Administration regulators at bay for years while he and his son, a lobbyist for the industry, have both benefited from his cozy relationship with this ephedra-producing industry.

After joyfully pocketing the campaign contributions of these supplement manufacturers based in Utah -- the "Silicon Valley" of the supplement industry, for years -- Hatch now says he finds it inexcusable that "a small number of irresponsible supplement companies are taking advantage of consumers." When did this moral giant get religion?

June Maguire

Mission Viejo

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