Dean in Line for Big Union Push

From Associated Press

Howard Dean is getting a prized presidential endorsement from the AFL-CIO's largest union, leaders of the Service Employees International Union told at least three Democratic campaigns Wednesday night.

The endorsement by the 1.6-million-member SEIU is to be announced today, after the union's 63-member executive board meets with the former Vermont governor and Democratic front-runner, campaign sources said, insisting on anonymity.

SEIU spokeswoman Sara Howard said Dean is the only candidate being considered, but the board could decide not to endorse anyone.

But other officials said it was a done deal.

Also, the executive board of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is being summoned to a meeting Wednesday to consider an endorsement, a union source said. Dean is a major contender, although Massachusetts Sen. John F. Kerry and retired Army Gen. Wesley K. Clark also are being considered.

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