Woman Hit by Own Stolen Car

Times Staff Writer

A 19-year-old Riverside woman who dreamed of being a neonatal nurse was near death on Monday after being rammed with her own stolen car Friday night, police said.

Pamela Thompson was on her cellphone talking to her mother about her stolen dark blue 1993 Nissan Sentra when she saw it driving directly toward her, police said.

A moment later the connection was broken.

She was found critically injured in the parking lot of her apartment complex, with severe head and upper torso injuries.

On Monday afternoon, family members pleaded for the public's help.

"Please help us find who did this to Pam. Someone had to have seen something," said her uncle, Paul Einboden, who said he loved the young woman like a daughter.

She had lived with him and his wife in St. Petersburg, Fla., for several years as a child.

"We were extremely close. She had a really big heart; she was a very, very kind person," Einboden said, adding that Thompson wanted to be a nurse because she loved caring for children.

Thompson's mother and stepfather were at Riverside Community Hospital with her Monday.

Thompson was hit in the 3100 block of Canyon Crest Drive, near UC Riverside.

"It's a decent neighborhood," said Sgt. Steve Johnson.

Thompson's vehicle has a California license plate of 4VJA782, and a rear bumper sticker that says "I Support our Troops and President Bush."

Anyone with information on the incident or who locates the vehicle is urged to call Det. Greg Rowe at (909) 320-8024 or Det. Ron Whitt at (909) 320-8003. A family member's company has offered a reward of $5,000.

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