FBI: Abortion Clinic Attacks Were Planned

From Associated Press

A man arrested on suspicion of plotting to bomb abortion clinics came "perilously close to carrying out his plans" after casing clinics, studying bomb making and buying material that could be used in an attack, according to the FBI and court documents.

Stephen John Jordi, 35, was arrested Tuesday after agents arranged a meeting aboard a boat, FBI spokeswoman Beverly Esselbach said, adding that he jumped overboard and was pulled from the ocean by the Coast Guard half an hour later.

Jordi was in the final stages of planning imminent attacks, U.S. Atty. Marcos Jimenez said. A criminal complaint said Jordi had cased several South Florida clinics and had discussed bombing one in Macon, Ga.

On Tuesday, Jordi and an FBI source bought gasoline cans, flares, starter fluid and propane tanks -- including a large one filled with propane gas, the affidavit said. The source also provided Jordi with a .45-caliber pistol, a silencer and empty magazines in exchange for $200, the affidavit says.

The affidavit said Jordi had discussed with an FBI source possibly using C-4 plastic explosives, propane tank bombs or pipe bombs and had studied bombing methods. "He was perilously close to carrying out his plans," Esselbach said.

Jordi was charged with solicitation to commit a crime of violence, distribution of information relating to making and using explosives for arson, and possession of an unregistered firearm or destructive device.

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