Sept. 11 Conspiracy Theory Is Still Alive

Your Nov. 18 editorial concerning the viewing of some documents by the 9/11 investigating commission suggests that the conspiracy theories can now be put to rest. Au contraire! As long as Bush administration members, friends of the family, former administration officials now acting as lobbyists and touting influence-peddling on Web sites continues; as long as no-bid contracts are let and only American workers are hired while Iraqi citizens clamor for work; as long as Halliburton runs the show in Iraq, to the tune of billions of dollars, as far as I am concerned, the conspiracy theory continues!

Carol Marshall

Yorba Linda



Please tell me you are not one of them. As someone who believes that the U.S. government was involved in the 9/11 attacks, your editorial further convinces that the media are in on the cover-up. You fail to mention the fact that the White House secured the right to edit the presidential daily briefings before releasing them to two members of the commission the administration selected. Are you kidding? You think this agreement is going to remove the cloud of doubt over the commission report?

Adam Berkowitz

Los Angeles