KOCE Should Broadcast Coastline's Telecourses

Re "KOCE's New Challenges," Editorial, Oct. 19:

As it discussed the challenges that KOCE will be facing under the aegis of the KOCE Foundation, you stated, "KOCE should consider making air time available for other colleges for telecourses...."

Coastline Community College is the only college in California, and only one of two in the country (the other being Dallas Community College), that produces college-level telecourses.

A telecourse is a highly complex and expensive undertaking, and the college has developed the leadership over the years to produce telecourses of such excellence that they are accepted for college credit in every major college and university in California, as well as most of the nation. And at a minimal cost to the college.

Community colleges and a number of four-year institutions throughout the country contract with Coastline for use of these telecourses as part of their own course offerings. KOCE does air the telecourses from Dallas Community College as part of its regular viewing schedule.

So it is necessary for the new KOCE to provide the Coastline Community College telecourses to its viewing area in Orange and adjacent counties.

Paul G. Berger

President, Coast Community

College Board of Trustees

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