Using the People to Flank the Legislature

Re "Schwarzenegger's Populist Beliefs Guide His Strategy," Nov. 24: The Legislature balks at borrowing billions to fix our economy. No problem; put it to the voters. Should the governor take money from special-interest groups? Who knows; better put it on the ballot. Are groping charges being properly investigated? Tough question; we need an initiative. Does our governor have a grand plan for the state, or is he hacking away at pet beefs? Tricky question; we need a vote. Best of all, if things don't work out, Schwarzenegger can spin the problems with, "Don't blame me. Blame the voters. They voted for it -- my hands were tied."

Is this leadership? Let's find out what the voters think.

Michael Sievers

Valley Glen


Re "Schwarzenegger Seeks Public Support for Borrowing Plan," Nov. 21: Our new governor urges all of us to put pressure on legislators who don't cooperate. He apparently excludes himself from the picture by loudly proclaiming that he will not consider any new or increased taxes under any circumstances. Someone should point out to him that cooperation is a process of give and take; if he expects the other side to give on issues that are important to them, he should be prepared to do the same.

So much for the "new spirit of bipartisanship" in Sacramento.

Hy Brown

La Verne


One way to cut expenses in California is to cut our legislators to part-time status, with a commensurate pay cut. We would have just as much gridlock but at half the cost. Senate President Pro Tem John Burton (D-San Francisco) would be able to cut his growling opposition to anything Gov. Schwarzenegger proposes (to solve the horrendous problems created by Burton and his cohorts) by 50%.

Maurice Harwick

Los Angeles


I think I understand the new governor's budget plan: blame the problem on past administrations and put the burden on future administrations. It's nice to know it's not business as usual in Sacramento.

T. David Estes

San Clemente

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