D.A. Ends Dress-Only Dress Code

From Associated Press

The district attorney who ordered female prosecutors to wear skirts or dresses to work instead of pants has reversed the policy she instituted 12 years ago.

"I'm not stuck in any time warp. I'm a forward-thinking, open-minded person," said Lynne Abraham, 62, who started the dress code in 1991, saying crime victims and their families expected a professional demeanor.

A hiring strategies panel in June recommended changing the rule after finding that women in law school expected to be able to wear pantsuits to work.

Abraham also said the change was "a reaction to fashion realities."

"I went to New York with my husband last weekend and shopped around," she said.

"It's apparent to me that it's harder and harder to find suits with skirts -- and then the skirts are way too short."

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