DMV's Move to New Office May Be Stalled

From Times Wire Reports

The planned move of the Department of Motor Vehicles office in King City could be stalled by the change in leadership in Sacramento.

DMV officials had hoped to move to a new home as early as this month, but Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's firing of DMV chief Steve Gourley last week has left plans in limbo.

"Right now, we don't know where we are," said King City Manager Keith Breskin. "The new governor has appointed all new department heads, including the DMV."

Chon Gutierrez, formerly California's chief assistant secretary of state, has replaced Gourley as the DMV's interim director.

For about a year, the DMV had been planning to move from its 1,160-square-foot facility to a larger one.

"We're just waiting," Breskin said. "I presume right now we're not the most important thing [the DMV has] to deal with."

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