Hijacked Nomination of Miguel Estrada


Lawyer Miguel Estrada was a well-qualified candidate to serve our judiciary system (Sept. 5). The U.S. Senate, however, for over two years refused to vote on his nomination. Our senators, whom we send to Washington to represent us and vote on our behalf, have consistently refused to vote on this nomination. I can respect a senator whom I disagree with, and who votes in ways I do not support. However, I cannot respect a senator who refuses to vote and refuses other senators the opportunity to vote.

Both California Democratic Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer have refused to fulfill their constitutional requirements to vote on this nomination. This miscarriage of justice has led Estrada to withdraw his name from consideration. This miscarriage of justice is not only an attack on Estrada but on all Americans who seek justice.

Daniel Pennings

Buena Park