Don’t forget limos and car services

Supposing you live in the hills, where even your good friends have trouble finding the way? What if you don’t want to make a number of stops en route to or from the airport? How about if you have four or more people -- too many for a taxi -- each of whom would have to pay a separate fare on a shuttle? What if your partner doesn’t want to get up early so you make your 5 a.m. check-in time?

If you read the Feb. 1 “Sourcebook,” you’d never know limousine and sedan services spend most of their hours driving passengers to and from airports.

A luxury sedan is not much more expensive than putting three people on a shuttle. We can find the most obscure addresses, and there are no additional stops. The “smallest” stretch limousines hold six passengers in comfort, and the driver will assist in getting your luggage in and out of the car. The larger limos hold 10 passengers, and there are luxury SUVs to hold more people and gear.

Limousines and sedans have always been permitted to drop off at the terminals, and the drivers meet you at the baggage carousel.


You’ll see drivers at all the airports. Just look for the neatly dressed men and women with luggage wagons, carrying signs with names.

Michele Hart

and Joseph D’Amore

JoJo’s -- A Private


Limousine Service

West Hollywood

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