A two-month delay for ‘Kill Bill -- Vol. 2’


The U.S. release date for “Kill Bill -- Vol. 2,” the second part of Quentin Tarantino’s ultra-violent hommage to martial-arts films, has been moved from Feb. 20 to April 16. The first installment, starring Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu, has taken in $170 million worldwide.

Originally planned as one long picture, the movie was divided in two because of concerns about its length.

Paul Pflug, executive vice president of media relations for Miramax, says the change in the release date is linked more to practical considerations than to a lack of faith in the film, still in post-production.


“Among many things, the new date would permit the upcoming home video of the first installment, scheduled for April 13, to benefit from ads and media exposure supporting Volume 2,” he said.


Elaine Dutka