Long live rock

I am writing to share something Robert Hilburn may or may not already know. The security guard for KROQ-FM that he mentioned in the beginning of his article (“Can Rock Come Back?,” Jan. 4) coincidentally played a major role in the history of rock music. He is Charles Connor, Little Richard’s original drummer.

Charles and I are in the preproduction stages of a documentary that chronicles the history of rock music from New Orleans. Charles started his career as Professor Longhair’s drummer when he was just 15.

Rick Eisenstein

Los Angeles



I enjoyed Robert Hilburn’s article on the future of rock. However, by continuing to reference major-label bands like the Vines and Hives over lesser-known but vastly more talented groups like the Shins, Iron & Wine, and Interpol, I believe you’re depriving your readers of the next wave of important rock music. These bands, all on independent labels, are beginning to receive the promotion necessary to increase their fan bases.

Rock music, as you know, is not only still important, but revolutionary. The Hives, Vines and Yeah Yeah Yeahs are solid bands but they are not quite on par with many of their underexposed fellow rockers.

David Greenwald