Chalabi’s Deceit of Administration Neocons


Re “Chalabi Accused of Aiding Iran Spies,” June 2: Your article states, “Over the last year, however, U.S. authorities have determined that most of the defectors had been coached to provide false information and that most of the information they provided was inaccurate or fabricated.”

Well, if that isn’t just the whipped cream on the sundae. Turns out the so-called reliable intelligence claimed by the Bush administration was little more than cooked baloney from Ahmad Chalabi and his organization.

We were paying them $340,000 a month to provide information, so they had to deliver while the gullible neocon faithful ate it up. They knew Chalabi was suspected of being a con man from the beginning, and now it appears he was betraying us to Iranian intelligence. Bush administration officials should be tossed out of office in November for incompetence, for embarrassing themselves before the eyes of the world and for being such colossal fools.


Mark McIntyre

Los Angeles


It is both distressing and delicious to learn the neocon nitwits who have been leading George Bush around on a short leash have themselves been suckered by their primary source of information, Ahmad Chalabi, whose day job seems to have been as an agent of Iranian intelligence.

Larry Maxcy

Yucca Valley