Boeing’s Pay Policies Do Not Discriminate, Judge Rules

From Bloomberg News

Boeing Co.’s pay policies do not discriminate by race or ethnic origin, a judge ruled Friday, two days after a jury found that the No. 2 commercial aircraft maker was not liable in a bias suit brought by Asian engineers and technicians.

U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik in Seattle said company studies and statistics didn’t show that Boeing’s pay policies had a “disparate impact” on workers, a situation in which it might have unintentionally paid employees less based on improper factors.

Khalil Nouri and six other employees sued Boeing in July 1999, claiming that they were paid less than their white counterparts because of their race and ethnic origin. A jury on Wednesday found that Boeing did not engage in intentional discrimination, and Lasnik ruled Friday on the remaining claim of disparate impact.


The bias case was the first against Boeing to go to trial. Chicago-based Boeing last month reached a partial settlement with a class of 28,000 women who were seeking $450 million in back pay and more than $1 billion in punitive damages.

Shares of Boeing rose 80 cents to $46.90 on the New York Stock Exchange.