L.A. Should Dictate Its Terms to the NFL


Everyone in the NFL is drooling about getting a team in Los Angeles. Because we don’t need them, we, as a city, hold all the cards. Therefore it’s time, to paraphrase Coliseum GM Pat Lynch, to solidify our political muscle and make the following demands.

To satisfy those NFL fans who don’t want a team here because they bring blackouts, the NFL must agree to buy up all unsold tickets and distribute them to local schools. To offset the cost and inconvenience to taxpayers when pro football games are held locally, the NFL must agree to build several schools for the LAUSD. Finally, the team moved here must have a significant minority sold to local ownership, or, if the team comes from San Diego, a significant majority.

If the NFL is that desperate to be here, and even Mayor Hahn knows they are, we as a city, and as fans, deserve getting something for allowing them in. Otherwise, we’re just Keokuk with beaches.


Michael Helwig

Canoga Park