Garrido: Move Not Intentional

From Associated Press

Texas baseball Coach Augie Garrido insisted a misunderstanding -- not poor sportsmanship -- prompted his team’s failure to attend a trophy ceremony at the College World Series.

After losing the championship to Cal State Fullerton, 3-2, Sunday, the Longhorns did not return to the field to receive their second-place award.

“I deeply regret what has happened,” Garrido said in a statement released by the university Tuesday. “I hope that this team will be remembered for what it did throughout the year, not for an unfortunate incident that came at the end of a great College World Series.”

Garrido said he did not know there was a trophy for second place and reiterated he did not intend to snub Fullerton, where he won three national titles before taking over at Texas.


When approached by an NCAA official after Fullerton’s win, Garrido said he was told the ceremony was optional and didn’t send his team out.

An NCAA official at the tournament said it was the first time in 17 years that the runner-up did not accept its award.

“Throughout my career, I have placed high values on my role as a teacher,” Garrido said. “It is important to convey the values, ethics, sportsmanship and purpose in which I believe.

“That said, I would like to apologize for every member of the University of Texas family, and the fans of the College World Series and Cal State Fullerton for the unfortunate perception that has been created.”


Garrido has won four national titles with Fullerton (1979, 1984 and 1995) and Texas (2002) and twice has finished as runner-up.