Nancy Bea Hefley

San Pedro native Nancy Bea Hefley has been the Dodger organist since 1988.

Do you get to watch the game? I have to. I get my cues off the game. One of the funniest times was when a fellow on the other team lost count of the outs. (I don’t ever do things against our players.) He was on first and he thought there were just two outs. So he ran to second. Then he ran to third. Then everyone’s walking off the field. And he realized it was the third out. I played “We’re Poor Little Lambs Who’ve Lost Our Way.”

How do you feel about the use of recorded music? At first I was very upset about it. It takes away some of the times when I have a really clever idea -- I think. I finally just got over it and thought, just enjoy it.

Ever get sick of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”? You’d think I would. But actually I don’t.

Do you take requests? Music from “Phantom of the Opera” is a favorite of several of the announcers, so I try to do that. But I keep track of every song I play so I can be sure I don’t play some songs over and over and over. I have about 2,000 songs I can pick from my memory.


Are ballpark organists an endangered species? They’re getting that way. And yet a lot of teams that have done away with organists are coming back to it. Someone was saying that the Padres had auditions for an organist. The Angels eliminated theirs for one year and they came back the next year. They had so much mail.